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  1. Monza Mike

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    New here first build . Long time Mountain biker / racer. Raced xc and DH for 20 ish years .
    Working on a Skyhawk frame . not sure if I will do a two stroke or 4 .
    I live in New Smyrna beach Florida grew up in Orlando and have spent last 13 years in Charlotte nc where I work still .
    finding lot of good info on this site thanks in advance
    Mike Fitzgerald

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    Welcome to our world!
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    In Florida to be street legal you must be in full compliance with RS-68. Which allows you to make a self built moped using a bicycle frame. You can't be over 50 cc, must have an automatic transmission (no manual clutch or manual shifting of engine driven gears), must have all the operating equipment that's required on a moped. You can't go faster than 30 mph. You must have a valid driver's license. The bike has to be inspected by the DMV so a moped tag can be issued.

    If you're at least 16 you can go electric you can have up to 750 watts and stay under 20 mph; no license is needed.
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  4. Monza Mike

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    Thanks for the info LR Jerry
  5. Monza Mike

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    ordered a 4 stroke.
    Waiting on a few other parts still