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    Howdy all:

    I've been lurking for quite a while - about 3 years (I think) actually - about the same time that i bought my 'china girl' 66cc kit here locally. Since it's over 3 years since i got the kit and did a rough install, and now have actually got to ride the darn thing, i thought an intro was in order.

    Long story short - i'd always wanted one of these things again, ever since having a homebrew MTB with a 1950's french moped motor that i'd grafted onto it in the early '90s - I picked a 'china girl' kit up, installed it - and then got sick and lost both patience, motivation and physical ability to get it working - it had several issues that i just didn't want to be bothered with, considering what i was experiencing physically at the time. My hips had given out, and needed replacement. Since then, it's leaned against the back wall of the garage, unloved, untested, unused.


    About a week ago, at about the 6th month post-hip replacement point, I got inspired. The stationary bicycle in the living room was becoming bloody boring for therapy, and ditto for riding the un-powered mountain bike that is in the garage around the nearby school parking lot, in circles. Yawn. I'd do the roads on it, but i wobble too much for busy traffic, and would likely get road-pizza'd.. so thats out for the un-powered MTB.

    I found someone online who was willing to take on my long-hibernating unfinished 'china girl', and get her running at reasonable cost. Better a few $$ now, then for it to continue to lean against the garage wall due to lack of patience and physical limitations.

    A week later, i have gotten it back, and just taken it out for it's first spin. I'm sitting here dripping in sweat from the ride, but happy with the results. I've got a VERY extensive ravine trail network that is literally next door, that i can take advantage of. Turning on the motor for pedal assist on the hills, and turning it off for the smoother straights, and pedalling away for the workout. Now THIS is therapy that is at least interesting.

    I've put a nice wide cushy seat on it since the photo, and i've got the drum-brake laced front wheel from my original powered MTB from way back when, to adapt - and i think it could do with a good front end suspension setup - as it is now, it's a heckuva bone-shaker on those graveled trails.

    But oh what fun.

    One thing that has changed, i've noticed, in this powered bicycle thing the past three years, is the increase in the vintage board-tracker projects. Being a hardcore motorcyclist, I can relate to those.. that well may be the next project that i tackle, with a four-stroke motor.
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    Hi and welcome to Motoredbikes.
    Great intro!
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    Welcome here. Looks like you got id down.