New guy from illinois! already have a problem!

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    Hi everyone! My name is Giuseppe, I just bought a grubee skyhawk 48cc slant head. A few friends and I got it together and now it doesn't work anymore. I haven't even taken it down the road. After getting everything ready for the first run I started it up and it revved into oblivion. After i shut it off it wouldnt start again. After looking at it I noticed that the blue wire from the CDI was plugged into the white engine wire and the black was plugged into the blue engine wire. I repaced the cdi and the spark plug and it still wont start. I think it burned out the magneto, but i dont know how to replace it? HELP!

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    Take the spark plug out, hold it on the engine somewhere handy, crank over the engine and see if it has a spark going across the end of the spark plug. If not. disconnect the kill switch- crank the engine again. If the ignition is OK you should see a spark- best to do it out of sunlight. You should hear the spark too. If no spark- repeat with a brand new plug.

    Does the engine feel like it has compression? When you rotate it?
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    I got it running! thanks for the help professor. It was gas, i was getting too much. I don't really know too much about carbs so it took a lot of fiddleing to get it to run. My exhaust gasket got ripped in the process, is there a torque spec on the gasket, so I dont destroy the new gasket?