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    I recently bought a motorized bicycle at a yard sale. It appears to be a Chinese kit mounted on a late model Wally World Schwinn middleweight. That is as much as I know about it at the moment. Trying to get it started to see what it needs. The dude who sold it to me went over the handlebars and scared himself hence the sale. My other interests include a vintage VW '58 Bug. It is an old Cal Look that needs completely overhauled. I have a mechanical and electrical background. I work in the HVAC field for a living. Hope this is not too much information for a first post.

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    welcome man, glad to see another hoosier. any luck getting it started?
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    I'm not sure of the proper procedure to start it. There was no paperwork included. The first problem I noticed is that there was straight gasoline in the tank. I hope it hasn't sustained too much damage.
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    Welcome aboard.

    No, that was not too much info. It was a good intro post, as a matter of fact.

    I wouldn't mind discussing old Beetles with you. But since that doesn't fit this forum, I'll have to let that pass.

    As far as info about your 2 stroke engine goes, why don't you click on some of the vendors to the left of this page? Some (maybe all) include a lot of instructions as pdf. files.

    Good luck.
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    Y'all could discuss V-Dubs in the "White Zone".
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    if you dont see a pull start, chances are you're going to want to look for a cable that runs from the engine up to what appears to be a brake lever. if this is the case, hold the lever until you can peddle up to a decent clip, then let go of the handle, and as long as the choke is in the proper position everything should be groovy.

    EDIT: you might want to check for and tighten any loose bolts and inspect to see if anything appears broken first, might also do to check your plug and chain tension if applicable, before trying to start a second hand engine.
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    welcome :D
  8. welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Thanks for all of the replies. The search function or .pdf files would give the correct gas to oil ratio?
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    Yes it would........but be warned, that is a hot topic, with many varying opinions.