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    ...That's Kentucky the state, not KY the jelly! (Some people get confused on that).

    I'm awaiting my first engine kit I just ordered on ebay. I've read the reviews here on BoyGoFast, and ordered one from them, mainly for the price since I don't want to drop a lot of cash on my first bike project. I expect to have "issues" with my first kit, but I'm pretty resourceful with fixing/tweaking/refining whatever I'm working with. I'm sure this forum will help me greatly.

    I work as a welder at a landfill, which I believe gives me two advantages: Obviously, I know how to weld and fabricate, and basic bike parts are easily found by dumpster diving at work. I have a complete Huffy Santa Fe beach cruiser sitting in my garage, waiting to be motorized. I also have a ton of various bikes and parts that I've scavenged. My wife is starting to complain...:whistling:

    I'm really looking forward to this project. I'm doing it mainly because it will be a WAY cool project. I'm a pretty creative person, and I get "jittery" when I'm not creating something. Does anyone else experience this?

    Secondly, I'm also anticipating high gas prices this summer and beyond. Cheap transportation would be nice.

    Anyway, I'll be lurking around and asking questions in the near future. I'll see you guys around later!

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    Good intro post.....

    So, you've got enough scavenged bikes and parts to make your wife complain? Me, too!

    A few years back I thinned my bike junk yard out a good deal in order to make her happy.
    I still miss them.

    Also, I've noticed that since last year when fuel prices went to 4 bucks plus there haven't been as many bikes in the trash as there used to be. A shame. But it sounds like you've still got a good source.