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  1. fjwirfel

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    Just starting into the hobby. Looking around to see options/ideas/laws. hope to find a lot of info here. I hear it is one of the best. I'm in Cecil County, MD seems to be a great sight so far. thanks in advance

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    Hey Ceciltucky Neighbor , Im A Newark , DE. Guy. Cecil County Is Very Lax On Motorised Bikes & Moped/Scooters. My Brother Is In Elkton & He Doesnt Need To Tag,Insure Or Register Anything 50cc Or Less. Peace , Scooterpimp. P.S. MD. Has Helmet Law. They Will Give Ya Grief Over That...
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    CULPRITE New Member

    another fellow md noobie joined around the same time i did awesome
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    Welcome to the forum! We have a lot of Great Guys here, you should have no trouble Buying, selling , and trading! Not to mention the wealth of knowlege here to tap into! Good luck on your projects!
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    that's what i have read, however PA and DE both require registration. Because of my MD license, can i operate in PA/DE legally?

    is a bicycle helmet sufficient or do i need a motorcycle helmet?

    thanks for the warm welcome. I ordered a kit from be here on the 8th