New guy , from Mexico, seeking motor identifier!

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    Hi guys, my name's José , Im from México city, we only have a pair of vendors down here , and before investing in an installed motorkit, i'd love to know if any of you can identify a motor just through pictures. The mexican reseller doesnot offer any info about the motor, im pretty sure it is chinese and that i have seen very similar lookin/ almost the same motors in some of your pictures.. ¿ Can anybody help? here are the links thanks! [640x480].jpg [640x480].jpg delux 2 [640x480].jpg 2 [640x480].jpg edit [640x480].jpg
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    What are the laws on motorized bicycles in Mexico?
    how do the cops treat you guys?

    Yes, they look like the same Chinese kits.
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    General chinese kits (commonly known in australia) as F80 or F50 bike kits. by the looks of the engine in the picture it looks like the 66cc which is known to be a 80cc. Problem is with chinese kits wholesale sellers buy the engines and put their own brand of sticker on them.

    hope that helps.

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    yup, thanks it is a 66cc but it is sold as an 80cc , or the other way around? Laws in this area , - and most others- in México are not always what theyre ment to be, there is a saying here ,acatese , pero no se aplique,which i'll give my best shot translating it as, observe the law, don't apply it, hence, anything under 100cc and/or whith pedals is still a bicycle, loose the pedals, youve got a motorcycle, pay annual taxes , and submit to semestral ecological tests and stuff, thanks guys... now is this thing installed
    worth 250 USD? ( 3000 MXN)
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    Buy a kit and install it yourself. It's the best way to do it
    as you will be able to fix what will go wrong.

    they are really 66 cc exaggerated as 80

    There are 49 cc kits too which you can tell by the
    distance between the head studs which are 6mm on the 49 cc

    66 cc usually use 8 mm head studs
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