New guy from Milwaukee, wi! welcome me! (and hopefully answer a question!)

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    Hey Everyone, Im Scott.

    I been lurking the site for a little while now and finally got a kit on to my bike.

    i've got a trek 7700

    and this kit (not 100% sure what it is, but im told it comes from the same factory as the Grubee kits so im cool with that)

    I got the kit installed in a few days in my spare time but i have a question regarding breaking in. i know im supposed to search but i did and couldnt find an answer, its not about the break in procedure, i got that.

    so. it starts up and runs fine, but if i sit and let it idle after a min or so i seem to get some smoke coming from the head, not like a gasket isnt sealing, like the head is overheating. i've only started it up and ran it for a few mins each time as i wanted to ask about this first before burning it up if thats the case. is that normal?

    i mixed up 20:1 for the first tank as the instruction said. However i kinda messed up and added the oil to the gas rather than adding the gas to the oil in the gas container (not the tank on the bike), do you think that it could be that the gas just didnt mix well with the oil?

    let me know if i should repost this somewhere else like the 2stroke forum or if there is an answer that i just didnt find searching feel free to direct me to it.

    Thanks alot! I cant wait to get riding this thing around town!

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I solved a similar problem when I installed a new, name brand spark plug.
    The spark plug that came with the kit did not completely seal the spark plug hole.
    You can find compatible spark plugs from major brands by searching this site.
    Good luck.
  3. xbeerd

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    i know what you are sayin.. but its not coming from the spark plug

    just off the engine. think it might be just build residue burning off? like when you put a ceramic headers on a car? that was mentioned by my friend who used to break in jetski's