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    Hi! i'm a new member, but have found that you guys and gals seem to know what your talking about. i have a Grubee Skyhawk gt2b (48cc) but it kept falling on its face after a quarter throttle. have found a solution kind of. i thought i had a bad set of plugs from the factory. gapped them but didn't help. plug was black and soaked. changed plug and found out the plug cap itself was bad. changed that. gained a little improvement. oil bathed my filter, gain a slight advantage. took off red cover on the yuandong carb but left the black mesh spacer. went for a ride and placed my hand over it. gained fast power and speed then tried to die. made a small split between my middle finger and ring finger and it gained speed, power and allowed it to take it up to max throttle. still haven't finished breakin. i've spilled more gas than i've rode out of it. added tape to spacer and replaced red cover sans filter. increased speed and power, that extended my throttle and allowed me to stop on a hill and start going again. pulled my plug and its still a little wet but isn't burning black or white. no smoke, plug is still new looking. still a little sluggish, but expect that to get better after it breaks in. i hope:sweatdrop:
    if it contines to give me trouble i'll let you guys know. peace:jester: