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  1. Mancar73

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    Hey peoples,
    I have had my bike together for about a month. I have 250 miles on it. I already built another for a friend. I am an automotive mechanic and ride it everyday to work although that's only a few blocks away. I have already prospered from the knowledge here and will be glad to add what I can as I learn.
    Built a Huffy Nel Lusso with a 66cc, 410 chain no tensioner, fat frank tires (stock ones separated and bubbled), running coaster brake but adding front brake.

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard.

    Fine looking bike. Good job.
  3. dodgy lee

    dodgy lee New Member

    Look terrific, look way too much like something I'd build :), welcome from another Newbie:cool:
  4. ChiefGeek

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    Great job, I too have the Nel Lusso. How did you deal with the fat tires and chain rub? Welcome!
  5. Mancar73

    Mancar73 New Member

    The thinner single speed bike chain I got helps with tire rub and I angled the rear wheel just a bit to help it clear (so it dog tracks just slightly). Not running a chain tensioner at the moment, the chain still just touches sometimes and leaves black marks on the tire but causes no wear. I might start a build thread to continue discussion of past and future mods.