New guy from North Carolina

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TwoStroke, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. TwoStroke

    TwoStroke New Member

    Recently installed one of the kits from Bike Berry on an old road bike I had. The kit was fairly easy to install and works great so far. This one is so much fun I'll have to do another one soon.:grin5:

  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Hi twostroke, welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member


    Yah. once you do one you wanna do another, you know what to do and not to do 2nd time. thats how i feel..

  4. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    You finished

    Just in time for the good weather !!!!
    Time to ride !!!
  5. Lazieboy

    Lazieboy Member

    Raining here. sun dont wanna come out.:goofy:
  6. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    what part of the Tarheel state?
  7. TwoStroke

    TwoStroke New Member

    Davie county