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    Hi everyone, been reading a lot of the threads on this site for the past 6 months to learn about bike motors and just now registered. Am interested in motored bikes as a cheap alternative to get around--cars are fine but am tired of car expenses. I have a friction drive kit already that I plan to install in a little while. Anyway I like this site a lot and the friction drive section best.

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    Aloha markfive,

    Riding a motorized bike is a cool way to commute to work. What part of town will you be riding? I live on Oahu and ride to work every day, rain or shine. Friction drive is a good start, since it doesn't rain too often here. I rode friction bikes for years, but now my MB hasa center-mount engine. This setup runs the power thru the bike's gears.

    I see you have a Mitsubishi TLE43 engine. I ran that engine on friction drive too. It is very dependable.

    I hope to see you on the road. Be VERY careful, because Oahu is not bike-friendly.
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