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    Just started looking for a bike for the neighborhood and came across a BTR and now I need to own one. I have a scooter I ride to work on good days and use to have a Barstool Racer, current project is a Grocery Cart that has been sitting un-finished for years that will go un finished so I can move into the Board Track Racer world. I'm in the research phase and hope to own one in time for summer riding in Ohio. Any help with links would be great.

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    Hi c3, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    hi. i'm also in ohio, marion ohio, where are you located. i can help you out with a btr, PM me for details.
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    Hi. And all the links you could possibly need are to the left of this thread. I got my motor kit from eBay and the rest from the various sponsors..

    ...and how much I've spent is a guess :p