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    Hi, my name id Larry. I live in Ameliasburgh, On.Ca. Ameliasburgh is in Price Edward County.

    I am building my first MB to tour around the back roads and trails in the area.

    I am currently in the process of installing a Jet Silver 80 on an old Raleigh Mountain Bike. All I have left is to button up the wiring, and maybe try to mod the chain guard to fit... Then break in! Can't wait...

    Here is a picture so far.

    I purchased it off of ebay from gasbikeshop in British Columbia..

    I should add that I will be stripping it donw and painting the frame next winter, as well as a few other mods...

    Wish me luck!
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  2. LarryWannamaker

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    Fired it up today.... Runs good. Exhaust needed to be tightened, then I broke a stud (oops!). So I went to TSC and got a M6 bolt and fixed that. Can't wait to burn a few tanks of fuel through it so I can then start tuning it...
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    GPS'd 43kph today.... Not quite 3/4 throttle... Flat road.... Wish I could take a picture of my GPS, but I can't. Crappy camera!

    I should add that it's a 44t sprocket!
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