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    so i just stumbled on to this site and motorized bikes in general. i really want to build one. i have an 8 mile commute to work and theres a nice bike path the whole way. i have a schwin cruiser alloy ss beach cruiser. but i have a few questions, how can i get a motor kit in cali? of the avalible ones whitch would you suggest? and will my current bike work, its and aluinim framed beach cruiser that i got maybe 9 years ago, but is in good shape. and no i cant spell really good, thanks for any input

  2. Mountainman

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    I worked for The City of San Diego -- many plus years
    you mention a nice bike path -- would want to know more regarding type of path
    because here in San Diego
    City Park Rangers will not permit anyTHING on bike paths with motor = fast ticket
    hopefully you mean bike lane ??

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    Welcome to the forum. Check your state (and city) laws before buyng a motor kit. Some states allow a lot of latitude to electric motors and lump the gas assisted bicycles in with motorcycles as far a license, tag and insurance is concerned.
    Search the legal forum on this site. There are some threads about CA. You don't want to install a motor kit and later find that it will be very expensive to make it street legal.
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    well i would like to commute to work on a mb, i live down in imperial beach and work right at the top of the strand at the coronado community center. so the bike path i will be using is the one all the way up the strand. its off the main highway just far enough that im sure a cop wont hear the motor. its filled with other bikes during the day. i rode a pocket bike all the way down it one night. what motor kits can i run and who can i get them from? any local dealers in sd?
  5. Mountainman

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    A&B Bicycle Shop -- Santee

    Peter at A&B Bicycle Shop in Santee carrys Staton set ups
    I send many people there -- good service

    if you are looking for a Happy Time
    my friend Steve has the best prices around for bike complect -- Lakeside
    many to chose from