New guy from Tulsa Ok

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  1. ejp2fast

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    Just got my Schwinn Jaguar Cruiser a couple of hours ago.... now just need the motor! Getting excited to get into this..

    Are all the kits on ebay more or less the same? I noticed they vary in price by 15-20 bucks.

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    welcome aboard I live in Shawnee. was just up to the big gun show. Check out my pics in the gallery. we are thinking about a day ride in May are you interested? They are some minor differences in the kits, if you want the highest peformance out of the box get a red bat from boygofast.:helmet:
  3. ejp2fast

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    sweet! anybody else in the Tulsa area?? i'll check out bgf...

    edit: as i'm a noob.. whats a 'red bat'?
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  4. roddy4477

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    red bat

    it is a name of a chinese engine that is ported the best that i have seen out of the box. I hve done 7 builds myself and been involved in that many more, so what ever experance that is good for. Oh by the way dont expect any customer service from the ebay sellers of these kits.:helmet:
  5. ejp2fast

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    thanks for the heads up- thats kind of what i expected after reading all the info on them.. kind of why they are cheap to begin with.