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    Hey everyone, I'm a new 'active' member but have been a lurker for a while. Last year, I installed and rode an 80cc HT for a while, then sold it. Now I'm back after a problem with my drivers license so I'm planning on building another bike to commute to work and run errands. It's good to be back, hopefully I can learn more about motored bikes and make my build much more reliable and durable.

    What I have in mind: An 80cc 2-stroke with a pull start. Possible? From what I hear, an 80cc kit is actually 66cc? I'm not an experienced bicycle mechanic, but I'm very mechanically inclined otherwise.

    Here is a picture of the bike I'm working with. It's a Specialized, not really what I'd want to mount an engine to, but it's all I have. The bike is really light so that will be a good plus. I'm a machinist so making my own motor mounts and higher quality parts will be easy. I'm really looking forward to starting my build and take my time to do it right..

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    I'm not quite certain that your engine will fit that bike, but probably. It'll be close, though. Being able to make your own mounts is going to help you there.

    But if you can make it work, then you're gonna have a fine machine. That looks like a good bike for the job.

    Yes, the "80 cc"s are really only 66 ccs, but that's not going to matter. You'll have all the guts you need. Even the 50 ccs are plenty powerfull.

    Have fun.
  3. gwoloshyn

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    Hmm, maybe I should get a used bike and try that instead. I should look for a solid rear axle instead of a quick release type, right?
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    You could always swap out rims and tires.

    What area of up-state are you in? Near Buffalo? PM me if you care to...
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    Hi Gw. Welcome. I am also in the Buffalo area.
  6. Im also in upstate Newyork in Plattsburgh,its not really near buffalo thou.