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    well what can i say my name is lyle and i just completed my first build. i used a trek beach cruiser and the 48 cc grubee engine kit. i came across this site before i even built one to see what it was all about. im a diesel technician by trade so i figured why not i have the tools and itll be a fun lil project. not to mention gas prices. very pleased so far ive got about 50 miles on her and running strong. i commute to the gym every other day and run close errands almost every day. it sure beats driven my gas guzzling truck. well hello and nice to meet you people of motored ive got a couple grainy pics on the attached images. better quality ones as soon as i find a camera.

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    Welcome to the site.
    Nice ride.
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    welcome -- how sweet it is -- have fun on that motor bike thing

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    I live in Las Vegas also, looking for more.
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    Welcome & nice build. Been to Vegas a couple times, have family there, GREAT CITY!