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    Hi, I'm new to all this. I have plenty of normal bicycles, and I'd like to be car free whenever I move out on my own, so I figure having a bike with some assistance could be a great help. My current ride is a GT Pantera from the 90's, powered by me. I have a GT Tempest that has a nearly identical frame to the Pantera that I'd like to put a motor on, although being an aluminum frame, it sounds like a frame mount kit won't work with the oversize tubes. I don't have a job right now, so I guess I'll probably have to sell my lovely Motobecane to afford a Hua Sheng kit. I can't wait till I finally finally do get a motor on a bike, I've done quite a bit of research over the past few days.

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    Hello SpongeCat! Welcome aboard. :) Were you able to sell your Motobecane?
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    I still have to decide if I want to sell it.

    On one hand, my GT is more comfortable, almost as fast, and since the only high end parts attached to the Motobecane are the crankset, handlebars and front derailleur, it is less than 1lb lighter than the GT.

    On the other hand, finding a Reynolds 531 framed road bike in my size isn't very easy or cheap, for the price of a chain and casette, I can swap out most of the drivetrain and go from a 2x5 to a 2x9 setup that will take off a pound or two, with a new saddle I might find I like it more, and I already swapped out and traded the most valuable parts, so I'm not even sure how much I can get for it.