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    Good morning all.

    Just a short note to introduce myself. I'm new to the motorized bicycle scene. I've been riding motorcycles for 42 years, starting with a home built minibike, and now with a Honda Valkyrie Interstate. My current project is installing a 49 cc two stroke on a Huffy Eagle Mountain Bike. I started off with a 1961 Columbia Rambler. The engine didn't really fit and the coaster brake doesn't work too well. Can't find parts and I'm too cheap to buy a new rim. I set myself a budget and am trying to keep within it.I like the cruiser look, but the mountain bike has a lot of potential. Eventually, I am hoping to turn it into a board track racer. Right now I just want to get thru my first build and start riding.

    Happy Halloween from Wisconsin:jester:

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    Welcome to the best forum on the net. We need more cheeseheads on here!
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    more cheese! rollin' cheese!

    I had a Rambler (year unknown). I bought it to restore it, but after it collected dust for eleven years otherwise untouched, I gave up on the hope and sold it...
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    Welcome From Fastfestus

    Welcome to the forum. I too have been a motorcycle rider for 30 years. but I don't know what it is about the little bikes. They are a total gas. I've had mine completed since January 13th and I'm only on my third tank of gas.
    There are some really sharp folks here and don't hesitate to ask for help no matter how small it might be. Take care and I'll be looking forweard to seeing your bike in the picture gallery. Best regards, FastFestus:grin5:

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    Thanks for the welcome. I figure the bike is going to e a winter project. Being married and owning a big barn of a house (that I am restoring) doesn't leave a lot of spare time. Did I mention that I make my living as a construction engineer. (So much for my summers) As time goes on and I make progress on the bike I will post more pictures.

    Go Packers!!!!!!:bowdown:

    How bout dem Vikings & Brat Favre????:wheelchair::banana:
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    Brett WHO? Ohhhh yeah, the guy with the camera and the cell phone!
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    He had the chance to retire with respect and acclaim as the Greatest Packer... but NOOOO, he got greedy, and now he's going to retire a broken man steeped in sex scandal... (and still never got another Super Bowl, which was his primary goal).

    This would be the best year ever for the Packers to win the Super Bowl... (their offence just needs to start playing as well as their defence)
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    Wouldn't that be :camera,cell phone and the little

    Didn't like him before and like him even less now.The guy never was a team player.

    Anyway great to see MB's have fans in the Badger state.Can't wait to get my first one.
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    Get your first what? little weenie, cell phone, camera ..first Badger:jester:
    (I couldn't resist!)

    Yeah he could have joined the ranks of Marino, Elway, Aikman and been one of the stars with real class. I don't think the Pack can make Superbowl this year with all the key players out injured. They have tremendous talent on the team, just get healthy and learn to work together. Last year they shot themselves in the foot with penalties and still ended with a pretty good season.
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    Sure seems that a lot of the Motor bike people just have a thing for two wheeled transport.I started on a Gilson minibike to a Rupp Roadster 2 to an Attex Motorcycle,next a H-D SX250 and lastly an Iron Head Sporty.

    arkives1.Your funny haha