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  1. Rob55

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    Hi All

    Why does my key board disappear after every key stroke? I'll be 60 this year and still want to spend time on a bike in the woods. Thinking about a rack mounted on one of my commuters. As I live in Washington, it seems like I got to have lights and a horn, as well as registration and tags. Want to keep the fenders. Looking at the GEBE stuff, but it seems top of the line price wise. Anyhow I signed up to get the wisdom of the group. Which one do you think I should put the motor on? Both are steel and good rides. The red one has 650 wheels.


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  2. jaguar

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    neither has a front disk brake. bad.
    put it on the one with the biggest tire diameter for smoother ride.
  3. Bonefish

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    Go with the Trek. I've got a GEBE for sale in the For Sale section. It only has one tank of gas run on it with a new with tags Robin Subaru EHO35 on it. Save more than $100 off of retail.
  4. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    If you just want a little light weight help I'd go with the Trek, simple 36V electric that tied into you pedals, and a $300 'water bottle" LI battery.
    ~$750 with battery and shifting mount parts.

    In short the electric motor ties into a dual sprocket on your pedal cranks on the right but you pedals freewheel inside it like a ratchet wrench.
    The motor itself also has a freewheel sprocket so virtually no drag with then the motor is off, but turn the throttle a bit and you add dead quit bionic powers to your legs.

    Here is a pretty bad example on a bike that didn't have a straight down tube like yours with the water bottle mounts so I had to put in on a rack but you get the idea.


    You can mount the electric most anywhere including under the frame which I could help ya with a bit but for your needs that sounds ideal for you to me.
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Here is another really bad example because I have a giant $1K 1KW giant battery in the cavity, but you can see the underside motor mount.


    That motor setup with the other pics 'water bottle' battery would give you a low weight low center of gravity boost whatever you wanted it, in the gear you are using.
    Or say 'I'm tied' and just let your legs rest and use electric through every gear your back wheel has.

    It beats gas, and you can even turn the thing upside down to change a tube without a mess ;-}
  6. Rob55

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    Thanks for the ideas. I wasn't considering electric at all.
  7. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Simple, clean and quite, tough to beat for a little help for your feet.