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    Hi new guy here in San Diego, going to start off with a 2 stroke 60cc engine on a beach cruiser bike. There is a guy locally that sells them on craigs list. Dont know anything about this, but I have been into street legal scooters and have modified them myself.
    I figure these tiny exposed engines will be alot of fun. Im more into 4 stroke but I have had my share of 2 stroke just never really got to crazy with them.

    I have ordered the bike and am waiting to hear back from the engine kit seller. Hopefully get that this week.

    I will most likely be modding the engine but I need to figure out what im getting and what can be done. There is another local guy I heard that sells performance parts im guessing that will work with the engine setup im getting.

    Im sure im getting what would be considered low quality, but thats how I always start out. I will work my way up depending on how serious I get. I have some friends who are also going to get the same parts.

    We were impressed with how these bikes work by seeing one in person. We all have scooters together and figured this would be a fun group thing.
    Plus we have a ton of bike lanes here to take advantage of.

  2. SdCruizer

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    Well got the engine kit today
    was called a H2 from china
    I will post up pics later
    Shipping claims my bike will be here tomorrow too
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    Lots of guys from San Diego riding motored bikes and racing them too.
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    I would be happy just for now to have something to work with no fear of breaking
    then slowly see what options there are for more power depending on how it all works out
    here there are a ton of hills so I need to factor in that too