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    i joined the forum so i can learn more about these fun from philadelphia, pa and i just recently put together a motorized bike, but its electric. i feel like the outcast right now because it seems that it is more gas-powered oriented. heres a pic of my rig:
    its nothing special. this is the first motorized bicycle that i put together so its not the greatest thing in the world. its more of a build so i can learn the ropes to what is done but no real riding going on right now at the moment. the snow pounded the area and the roads are terrible. ill just wait for better weather till i get this thing on the road again.
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  2. Electric bikes are wecome here, no sweat. I expect more and more of us will be going electric.
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    It seems we have a better cast of e-bikes in that section than the dedicated e-bike sites...I've learned more about them here than surfing around the net.

    (Waiting for the 50 mile range breakthrough, myself. )