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    Hello, my name is Wyatt. I go by Basement_Modder because that is my screen name in the console modding and computer community, and I use it on most other forums to avoid having to memorize multiple usernames. My current project is a friction-driven Giant 21 speed mountain bike with a Homelite SX-135 30(ish)cc weed eater motor. I did a carb cleaning/ rebuild and fuel line replacement, and am in the process of getting it running again and figuring out mounting. I will post pictures in the friction drive section once there is something worthwhile to show.

    As a forewarning, I am avidly anti-kit for things like this, and prefer to machine and figure out everything myself. I will never use a kit for a MAB, so if I ever sound biased against them this is why. I hope to get along well in this community and create many awesome bikes.

    So what's up?
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    We are happy to have you as a member of MBc, Wyatt. I can see that you will be a welcomed member of the Forums. BTW, is that an original G.T.Grant Bike? Let me know...K? As for your 'whole problem', I would suggest you get in our General Discussion Forum and post you questions addressed toward 'SimpleSimon.' Okay?
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    Thank you for the welcome, and that was a typo. Its actually a Giant mountain bike, not a Grant.
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    Welcome to MBc

    Fixed the spelling error for ya,

    All the Best