New Guy here with 68cc HT just rebuilt

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    Hello all, My name is Paul and I just rebuilt my 68cc HT motor. Upgraded hardware to hex head bolts all over the motor. Smoothed all gasket surfaces and all. The only problem I seem to have is that BoyGoFast motors screwed me on purchasing the pulley tool. He sold me a tool that is not straight. The inner screw that fits in the outer attachment is not co-centric with the outer diameter. Meaning that when I pulled my pulleys off, I wasn't pulling them straight off. So now when I installed the pulleys again, The crank output and the clutch pulley each have a little bit of a wobble to them. I'm trying to look for a workaround. Also, the throttle slide in my carb is sticking. I don't understand why it is so hard to insert. When I took it apart, I cleaned it and stored it in a plastic bag. Does anyone have any suggestions for these problems please? My motor will run, but not smoothly. It has excess more than before I took it apart. Thus, less power/speed. Any help is much appreciated.



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    Welcome to this place!
    Double check the woodruff keys to be sure that they are properly in their grooves. It is terribly easy to push them out when re installing a gear, sprocket, or clutch hub.
    Will the slide move freely when the carburetor slide cap is loose?
    Excessive tightening of the cap will distort the slide bore and bind up the slide action.
    Also check that the groove going all the way down one side of the slide is aligned with the small guide pin inside the slide bore.
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    Hey! Thanks for the welcome! Yes all woodruff keys are in place. I don't know if all the securing nuts are tight enough. I got them as tight as I could for the gear cover side. The carb slide binds at the upper part of the cylinder and frees up in the lower part of the carb. So when i open to WOT it will stick. I'm guessing i need to lightly sand it out to free it up. Any more suggestions on the gears?