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  1. mr428

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    Hello, my name is Aaron and I am somewhat new to the motorbike hobby and i am officially addicted. I will try to upload some pics of my bike soon. thanks Aaron.


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    Welcome, and have fun!
  3. mr428

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    Heres my army bike

    figured out how to post pics.. here she is

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  4. wheelbender6

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    I like that seat cover. Well done!
  5. md4406

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    What frame?

    Nice ride! What, specifically, frame is that? Ive built 3 Huffy Cranbrooks and didnt really like the idea of drilling a hole in the frame. It worked out and dont have any problems but would really like to do one without drilling. Keep up the good work.
  6. mr428

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    Army Bike Info

    Thanks guys.... I made the seat cover from some heavy fabric I got from a fabric store and laced it up with small elastic rope. The frame I believe is an early 80's Murry, didnt have to do any drilling. Im with you on the anti-drilling.