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    I won't bore you with a life history, but my winter project (restored a boat) is done, and I've grown bored. I need a new project. I'm not real domestic and hate working on practical stuff around the house, so I need to build something else for fun. I have my priorities! I have 10 bicycles hanging in my garage (big *** garage with the boat, 3 motorcycles, Suburban, two Miatas, etc inside) of various sorts and I accidentally ran into this forum. It has inspired me enough to think about sacrificing one of said bikes into a motorized version. So I'll be hanging out to see what is the hot in the motorized bike world. Bike will be used at El Mirage Dry lake in SoCal at SCTA events for transportation/fun. Might use it to run to the liquor store now and then. Take care!

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    It sounds like you already have the tinkering experience you'll need. (not much required. these are pretty simple.) You ought to do fine.
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    The challenge will be building it so it will be user friendly so the wife can hop on it whenever she feels like it. So I'm thinking 4 stroke.. I have not seen a kit that I'm too excited about. I'll probably make this my project after summer is over. I'll probably build a kit from scratch. I'll be looking for parts in the meantime.