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    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself...I'm in college going to the University of Cincinnati for secondary education. Ive seen a couple people on campus riding motored bicycles so I did a little research and found this forum which looks great! I bought an old 3 speed western flyer that I can hopefully stick an engine on so I need some help with that...

    Im looking at 2 kits on ebay that are the cheapest I've found..I'm usually a go big or go home kind of guy when it comes to $100+ purchases but being in college my budget is super tight right now...

    Any advice for my noobness??
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    Hello and welcome either one of those should work for that bike but just to make sure spend some time reading here look at some of the fine bike in the gallery, lots of good info here to get you started. Try and see if anyone around your neck of the woods sells kits so you could mybe go check the kit out in person any ways welcome to the forum.