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    I got a 32cc chainsaw a few months ago for free. I guy I know bought a new one because this one wouldn't start, and gave it to me. I cleaned the carb and now it purrs like a kitten. Then a few weeks ago I found a small bicycle in my back yard. I asked around the neighborhood and even left it in front of my house for a week to see if someone would claim it, but no go. So I've decided to put the two together. I haven't had the time to read through the forums yet, but I do know that I want to go with a friction drive. I'm unsure if the stock clutch on the chainsaw will hold up, or if I should get a aftermarket one of some kind. I'm also unsure if the current rear tire on the bike will work because of the bumpy tread.

    Here's some pics.

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    buwhahahahahahaha.............chainsaw bike..........there are threads.....

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    and videos :p

    Welcome to the forum