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    Hey guys, rolling a 26" mountain bike of some kind, grubee gt-5. I know cars computers and machines, but this lil 2 stroke is getting on mt nerves.

    Already made some mods, Cleaned up the burs in the carb and intake/exhaust.

    Stumbled across a the local 2 strokers and went out bar hopping/cruising with them. **** that was fun...Blew their minds when I pulled up with my articulating side car I built. 2 safety pins and 2 latches and it slides right off the bike. I gotta start over with the decking I'm not happy with it. Gonna do it like an old pick up truck with the wood beds

    Also going thru my grandpas basement today I found a 26" 64 Spaceliner :whistling: looks like my GT-5 will fit, not quite as clean as the one in the pic's but all the parts are there w/warranty and receipt.

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    Hi and welcome to Motoredbikes.