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    This my first post. I plan to pick up a HT-80 and mount it on a Beach Cruiser I have. I been looking at mopeds for a while, but the initial investment is more than I have right now. A motored bike seems the best solution right now! A fun and exciting way to get around town for less than $200 seems like a pure winner.


  2. Hello and welcome. I have to say any gearhead who sees one of these and it doesnt ignite a spark he needs an overhaul. I am new also and have been reading post for over a week and a half ,and making a shortcut of that page of info i need .Then putting it in a folder on my desktop for future reference. Its amazing how many post of very knowlegable ,timesaving, things i never thought to ask or think about are on this site. Ive still got some projects i need to finish before i start the bike engine install.But ill be ready with all the tips and tricks of ones that have gone before me..Post some pics of before and afters when ya can. Good luck and happy motoring . I suggest you do a search for a post called {Tips ive learned from many builds }that i have seen posted lots of great info. Also has a great picture instruction booklet on putting a kit on a bike you can download for free. Really great help for a new guy.
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    Well put insomniacshotrods.

    Welcome Gearhead73 glad your here!