New guy & his hottie wife!

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    Howdy! I'm an old retired guy and I have a very young beautiful wife (yes she's standing right here behind me):tt1:LOL. seriously...she's great!!! I have 3 degrees from 2 Ks. universities. Was a US Navy hospital corpsman (2 tours in Nam...'67-'68 & '69-'70) Was a school teacher, in sales, a hel-core machine operator, a Registered Nurse, a welder, and some other stuff. I do portraits of Harley owners on their scooters. I've been building a "Golden Age of Air Racing" replica...a Church Midwing (for an of you who are interested), but I've stalled out...found an old Raleigh 3 speed bike, and a guy up the street was selling these cute little Chinese motors...I bought the 80cc one because in Kansas we are restricted to 130cc's... So now my wife is after me to put the two together so she can ride it, but I need help on a few things. Hope I can find it here:grin5:

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    that MB thing should turn out to be much fun for you
    plenty here to lend a hand when needed
    there are a few up grades that probable should be made before riding

    have fun -- from - MM