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    Hi, I dont have my bike yet but ive mucked around with a few motors on frames over the last couple of years, never finished them though.

    Im looking to buy a finished bike or kit in Adelaide. Im planning to ride about 70 kms a day to work and back. Is there anyone in adelaide that does the kits.


  2. Mountainman

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    more and more riders from down under your way
    keep a lookout for BoltsMissing -- he may be able to help you

    ride the motor bike thing
  3. BoltsMissing

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    Welcome to MBc pig250

    Depending on your MB needs;
    Go to, there is 2 Adelaide builders listed, I used to be on there but have since asked Warren to remove me cos too many callers and tyre kickers waisting time.
    Can't be bothered.

    I also know a few qualified mechanics but are booked out, yet they may have "ready-to-go-bikes...., They want kit money upfront at least if they to do a build for you.

    There is also the factory made bikes with 30cc engine Class.
    There are 3 listed in Adelaide.

    All the Best

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