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  1. Bob Campbell

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    Hi Guys,

    Been lurking and doing motoredbike homework for some time now. I am wanting to build a board track replica using a Morini engine. Any thoughts about the Morini S6-S vs. the S6-C. I'm not worried about the S6-C being water cooled.

    I work at a machine shop by day and a bike shop by night. I have many years of race car prep and fabrication under my belt

    If any members in Colorado need any help, I can do MIG and TIG welding at home plus fabrication for a reasonable fee. I'm near Palmer park.

    Bob Campbell

  2. dflanagan

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    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for letting me know where you are located. I personally do all of the minor welding and fab work myself but I'm sure there are others who can use your talents. As far as the S6-S vs. S6-C issue, the only difference between the two motors is the jug and being watercooled. Both bottom ends of these motors are identical. You do get a little more horsepower with the S6-C because of the higher compression (water cooled jug, 15.5 +/- 0.5 : 1 );(air cooled jug, 14.5 +/- 0.5 : 1) but you have to add a radiator.

    The guy I ordered my S6-S from started with a S6-C motor, swapped the jug to an air cooled jug, and then sent the jug out to be bored out and re-sleeved. Incresing the hp's by about 3hp. +12 hp total. This is without any port, head, timing, or jetting work.

    Hope this helps you out.
  3. Bob Campbell

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    What part of town are you in? Maybe I could come by some time and look at what you've got.

    I'm planning on building the frame from scratch using high quality bike parts (I work in a bike shop).

    Give me a call if you like. seven one nine- three three nine- 3812. I can't always here the phone at the machine shop, so leave a message if I don't answer.

    Bob C.
  4. dflanagan

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    Building a MB from the frame up? Sounds like your going to have yourself a little project going on. I don't have access to pipe benders to do that. I started with a 21" steel frame and built on that. Here are some pics.

    Morini Build 008.JPG Morini Build 010.JPG Hub Bracket 002.JPG

    Hub Bracket 001.JPG Morini Build 006.JPG Morini Build 003.JPG

    Morini Build 002.JPG 037 (1024x768).jpg Morini Build 004.JPG
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  5. Bob Campbell

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    I have a local desert racer friend that I used to work for that has a bender I could use. Bikes for the most part use gentle bends unlike cages inside race cars and trucks.

    Good pictures. I would like to see how it runs when finished.

    Bob C.
  6. dflanagan

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    Finally got it built. Here's some pics.