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    New to motors on a bicycle. Ive competed and fun rode many many events in the midwest over the last 30 years. Now due to health and age related reasons im looking to maybe just float along sometimes. Wow have things changed in the biking world, so much better componets, technology is awesome!! Hope to make some good friends, learn some fun stuff and have a good time with this part of my life!! Im quite capable with tools i do Blacksmithing, welding and cabinet work, a Massage Therapist by trade, and love cycling. But my back itsnt so happy cycling so much anymore. ;(
    Nice to meet you all :) Looking forward to exchanging ideas and stories!!! Have a blessed day all!!

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    You should have plenty of chance to enjoy yourself in those back roads of central Illinois. I spent most of my 'mis-spent' youth at the Drag Strip at Oswego. If it's still there...there are probably still some of my black skid marks on the tarmack. <g> Anyway, Thanks for checking in. Let us know you'r name, and where you are more specifically...K? Then use our search server, and ask necessary then use specific questions in the various forums if needed. This is really to start a conversation....K?
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