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    Looking to build my first MB.

    Got a Dax motor and a Raleigh Retroglide.

    Mounting will take some creativity on the massive (almost 2") downtube, but otherwise I'm almost ready to begin building.

    Just wanted to say hi, and maybe get any legal advice for MN. I read the laws a few weeks ago and they seem to say that any gas-powered motorized bike is considered a moped and needs registration, liability, plates, tabs, brake lights, etc... aka a big middle finger to MB builders.

    I'm hoping other people understand the law more clearly, or have tips for getting around some of those hoops instead of jumping through them.

    Anyway, great to be here!

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Welcome... First I'll leave the MB laws of MN to the MN members . Looked up your bike (very niceby the way) and don't see any problem with mounting a HT on it. You may have to ream out the rear mount somewhat for a perfect fit (needed) but doable. Please read as much about instillation of a engine on a bike before you even remove it from the box. There are recommendations for out of the box modifications (inexpensive ones) that will save you headaches later. Check out my drawing for a free clutch cable mod.

    Here is some helpful reading....... Sum Up prep checklist? Happy Time Mounts and Sprockets Hard Clutch non working Kill Switch Rear mount studs broke. fix??? Huffy Cranebrook Best way to secure a gas tank Leaking Head/Gasket Cranbrook Coaster Brake INSTALL much to break in? installing a cylinder together Solution to torqueing China HT engine mounts. No power with Skyhawk 49cc (same for 66cc) First build Were can I get a clutch pin? Clutch roller (a must have item) Break in period? Site for engine schematic
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    Alright another Minnesotan! In regards to legality - I seem to recall seeing something about having a Motorized bike endorsement on the DMV site - course I don't have one.
    I have been riding theese around Eden Prairie for about 4 years now and have NEVER taken any heat from the fuzz.