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    I am Chris Salter and live in Foley Alabama (close to the beach) and saw one of these little machines several weeks ago. I am somewhat mechanically inclinde and have decided I would like to buid a few of these machines. I'm looking forward to plowing through the old posts on this sight and see what I can pick up. Have not bought a bike or a kit yet as I am sure some are better that others and like to do research before making a purchase. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am looking to build a bike with less than 50cc motor. Still open as to 2 or 4 stroke, and if bike has multiple gears (research). Have a good one.

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    welcome to the forum. there is alot of kits out their take look at if you got lots of money go to two of these sights have been winning races in california all the people on the forum can help you with any problems may acure with your bike ask away. happy riding
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    Welcome aboard.

    You don't need our advice, really. Your intro post told us that you already know what to do. Read these forums.

    You'll start to learn instantly. Soon you'll be learning the stuff you want to know. Not long after that, the bike you want will be taking shape in your mind.

    Have fun.