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    Hello all,
    My name is Rhett. My wife and I are with the US Government and just relocated to Atlanta after 6 years in Germany. I have logged into Motored Bikes in the past but since that was a good while ago Thought that I would start fresh.I am a retired pilot and just turned 55. I have had a number of motorcycles over the past years and even a couple of mopeds back in college but never a motorized bike -per say-. Any I do have some questions regarding legalities which I will post shortly in the legal section. It is indeed my pleasure to be a member!--Rhett

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    Welcome aboard.

    Legalities (at the moment) are mostly a non-issue. But there does seem to be places in the USA where they are truly outlawed. But even there MBer's seem to get away with it if they're cool.

    If I said, "don't worry about it" I'd be going too far. There is some reason to worry.
    But most of us are getting away with riding. I ride quite a bit and have had no trouble with the law or my neighbors at all.

    And riding is a world of fun. You can believe that.

    So come on and join us!

    See you around.