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    I was very disappointed at 39th Annual meeting of Vintage Motor Bike Club.
    I had money to buy a Safticycle. Had seen them before. But, no
    Safticycles this year. Lots of Simplexes but no Safticycles, not even
    a frame.

    I am seriously looking for a Safticycle of 47 - 50 vintage.
    Doesn't have to have an engine.

    I'm in Crystal Lake, IL.

    Have old Cushman Trucksters and Haulsters as well as an Army Bug.

    Good to meet you.


  2. Are these legal?
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    Who cares!
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    Welcome to the forum, Pedlling Backwards!
    I have no information concerning antique bicycles, but I am sure that someone here can point you in a good direction.
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    the previous owner of the VW bug had it in German,
    got it shipped home and titled in Wisconsin.

    The Cushman was built as and titled as a motorcycle.

    Both are street legal.

    Pedlling backwards,

    whoops, looks like I mis spelled my screen name