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    been mopeding to and from work for a year and a half now and even got one of pablos sick bike parts shift kits for my 2 stoke 80cc. im interested in the new 4 stoke setups coming out and need some help on where and what to buy. im also a long time member of if any of you guys play online games like call of duty or battle field series. im sure i'll make a few friends here and hopefull ill have a few things to add. after 3 bikes and 4 motors ( a few doa ) im sure ive seen something some one needs help with.
    i live in macon ga and im the assistant manager at a local IHOP.
    my only hobbys are computers online gaming and motorized bicycles. nice to meet yall people and if your refered from pablo im sure your good peeps.

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    i need to know how to get mine to idle at a low rpm and i put the gasket oring between the carb and bought the new plug.. i am unsure how to tune it to idle but i lost my air screw but it still idles high if i turn the handle things not the throttle.. but the adjustments on the line... and on the top of the carb.. please help and check out my pics of my exhaust.. trying to make it silent....and i thought a water tube would help...needs work though....
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    is there any slack in yout throttle? is it 2 or 4 stroke? if its a 4 stroke is the throtle cyclinder's groove lined with the pin in the carb? check the brass jet port in the carb bowl to make sure its not viberated loose. idle screw is on the left side and has a spring under it turn it out while running see if thats it. i run a self modded exhaust so i have no idea about other exhausts and how to make them silent ecept pack them with steel wool.

    edit: also make sure the cap on the carb where the cable comes threw is sealed ..... if its not on right that will cause high idle as well in some carbs.