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    My first bike was a Qurve. I bought it from Spookytooth cycles. Great ride but I got hit from behind by a truck that was doing 40 mph. Now the local pd want to give me a citation. I checked with the dmv before purchasing the bike but I should have gotten it in writing. I live in Sulphur Louisiana. If anyone knows anything about the laws here pertaining to MB please share your knowledge with me? Thanks.

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    link to LA state MB laws

    You might check with a motorcycle lawyer or if you have any cops in your family maybe they can also inquire for you. (just calling and asking the cops pretty much gives them a reason to stop you and maybe ticket...go figure.)

    There is a lot of gray area in USA on motored bicycles. But there are also some locations that have definite laws esp if the local gov. hates mbs or wants to tax/fine you to death.

    You also probably have no help in court if you get hit either. MB's should be revered but mostly are snubbed in USA.