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    ive built motorized bikes before but since im basically new to it... i posted here! anyways, glad to be part of the community and all of its extensive knowlegde. im currently getting started on a built that will be a trek 800 antelope with a 66cc engine that has a centrifugal clutch and pull start. im also going to put on the sbp shift kit in a month or so, along with the sbp expantion chamber and aftermarket cns carbeurator. anyone have any ideas about what sorts of speed and horsepower i can expect with this setup?

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    Hey Speed..Eno (Down Under)..Sorry for the slow response but welcome to Mbc..There are a lot of teched up guys here who always jump in when you post a problem...Pic help to solve the problems quicker and always use SEARCH for specifics...Welcome again.. Eno in Oz