New Guy Questions on C.A.R.B. certs

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    Hello all,

    I'm a N.C. resident, heading out to California for some military training, and have a 2 stroke kit lying around I was going to box up and take out to Cali with me for cheap transportation. NC emissions laws are lax, so I contacted the Air Resources Board for California, and was told that no engine kits (2 or 4 stroke) are approved for on or off-highway use. I found this strange as the DMV's registration form for motorized bikes has the option for gasoline power, AND I've seen quite a few recent postings online of people building/riding motorized bikes in California.

    To cut to the chase, can I box this thing up and take it with me, or am I looking for trouble riding a 2 stroker around? The engine doesn't have a EPA sticker on the crankcase, either. Just want a good solid answer from some Californians before I start packing this kit up. Thanks for your time helping out a MB newbie!

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    Didn't you buy that back in 2003? Should be grandfathered. Just buy you one of those DMV tags for $19 and follow any other rules they have and be happy. I wonder what base regs are like.