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    I bought an already built MB about two years ago and it worked very well. I have used it as a shuttle for when I fish in my drift-boat. I made a bike rack to fit on my boat trailer and that has made it even better. I wasn't prepared for the amount of tinkering and "watching everything" as these things seem to require. And the steel frame is pretty darn heavy. But overall it has been good.

    I let my step-son ride the bike over to his friends house for a visit. They saw him ride up and thought it was awesome, so they each took it for a spin, again and again and again. When they ran in out of gas, they filled it up and went on some more rides. Gas without oil mix ... : ( Seizure!!

    I recently bought a motor kit and am getting ready to mount it to an old mountain bike I have. I'm not as mechanically inclined as I'd like to be, and hope this forum can help me avoid some mistakes and solve some of my problems.

    I've already read some things that will help me. Thanks already!

    Look forward to some helpful communication and some laughs along the way ...


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    I personally prefer 4 stroke engines. I almost always have conversations with people when I go to gas stations. They're really amazed at how fast the bike is and the high mpg. That's what's so good about the 4 strokes you don't have to mix. I change my oil ever 50 hours and clean the air filter ever 10 hours.