New guy - So many problems (pics)



Just love the bike and when it works it's a thing of beauty. I've only put about 20 miles on it so far and this is how it went.


noticed the fuel wasn't going down the tube so I tightened the fuel petcock so it would face the right way and it snapped off (made of very poor slag metal). Ordered a replacement brass petcock. also bought some air pressure parts to use until the brass one gets here. no on/off valve though so when I left it at work today all the fuel drained out through the sides of the carb!


I must not have the exhaust on tight enough because the gasket burned through and black oil is coming out from around the edges of the exhaust. Ordered a new gasket, hope that fixes it.

Hoping to use this to commute (3 miles) to work. It's so much fun but I'm starting to feel like I don't know what I'm doing I just hope it all ends well because it's a great feeling when it pulls you up the hills.
sounds like you're having fun! :D
get some 'real' gasket material for your exhaust- the one that comes with it is pretty crappy. i sealed mine with gasket sealer (i know that isn't the proper fix, but i'm lazy).
as for the fuel coming out of the carb, i have the same problem. even with a working valve, whatever is left in the tubing will drain out and cause an oil slick on the carb and engine.
don't give up, you'll get it going and tinkering with it is all part of the fun! :LOL:
thanks for the words of encouragement!!! When i first saw the kit in pictures it looked so complicated and now I feel like a accomplished something I can be proud of

Benz is right the gaskets are nothing but card board match books I went to auto zone and bought some gasket cork and made mine over 1000 miles later they are still working.

Go to a scooter store in your area and tell them you need a tank valve and tubing they should have a better one there also use a thin zip lock on the top and bottom connection where the tube slides on this will help the loss of gas if that dose not work use a little plumbers puddy the type that hardens I had to use that on my tank it was leaking at the bolt that tightens the tank on the bike the puddy worked great no more leaks.

Thanks for the tips! I can't wait to see if the new gasket and brass fuel valve work this weekend. Also hoping the new gasket/ sealing the exhaust opening cuts down on the noise a bit - mine seems a bit louder than all the bikes I have seen videos of.
common problem -- should be up and running soon

Thanks for the tips! I can't wait to see if the new gasket and brass fuel valve work this weekend.

you should be back up and running with low noise in no time
pretty common problem ((exhaust gasket)) with the Happy Times

get it fixed and have fun -- be safe

as you ride that THING
throw away every bolt and nut and stud that came with your kit.... then replace them all with upgraded hardware. You will be glad you did... believe me... those stock crappy ones will break.