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    hello my name is jack.
    im a 15 year old teenager who works his *** off to get the things he wants..

    i was looking for somesort of transportation, then one day i was doing some yard work for a neighbor and noticed a guy went buy on his beach cruiser with a motor. i was interested so went home looked it up. the next day i ordered my first kit.

    recently i stop the local motorized biker and we had a talk about the motors, things that i would wanna do after installed exc.
    -*change stock throttle
    -*change all stock nuts
    -support carb
    -*change manifold from carb to motor
    -*heavier chain
    -heavier rims
    so far i have a good little list going, i order some of the cheaper thins(everything with star next to "*")

    well since of my age i decided to look up laws and things and i need to be 16, but with that being said i go to stores with the clerks thinking im 17 18

    well florida is filled with great beaches, since i live on the coast it is close.

    i will post pics of my build and things i have done.

    anyone live in the treasure coast area that would wanna ride?

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    Florida has recently changed its laws concerning motorized bicycles. It would be wise to research this further before investing money, time and labor into this endeavor. An option you may have is to build for off road riding. This way you can gain riding experience. If you're pulled over the law will not care how old you appear to be. Your bike will be impounded and you'll be ticketed. Your parents may also get into trouble as well for allowing you to illegally operate your bike on a public roadway.

    As a motorized bicycle rider I'm asking you to ride legal. We're getting banned in many places because people are disregarding their local laws. Consider this by riding illegal you could cause problems for others as well as yourself. I'm not saying these things to be mean but rather I'm trying to get you on the right track so you can enjoy building and riding motorized bicycles.
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