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    Hi all, I really enjoy your guys forum so I figured that I would join up.:cool:
    I have been building bicycles since I was seven and always been a B.M.X. fanatic, I have two 24 inch B.M.X. Cruisers that I ride regularly.
    My Motorbike is a 1984 Diamondback Apex Mtn bike Done up like a old school B.M.X. 26 inch Cruiser with a lay back seat post and Old school B.M.X. bars (bmx bars help kill some of the vibration). The engine in this bike is a B.G.F. 49cc steel sleeve slant bought off of ebay.
    Now that its at around 200 miles and is broke in it runs very well and I have a blast on it. Here in Spokane Wa, I get lots of comments and everyone stares like its a space ship...I look forward to being a member of the forum.

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    welcome from the wet side of the mountains.
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    Thank you

    I moved over to Spokane from Bellingham, I used to work in Midway. I miss living on the other side of the Cascade Mountains.