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    Hello guys or gals im a 26 year old a.s.e. cert. auto technician and just built my first motored bike about two moths ago and i am loving it. I take it every where i can espically to work. the other techs get a kick out of it when i park my bike next to there motorcycles. I dont get there fast but the ride is fun. some people laugh at it but they cant get 100+ mpg. i put 93 miles on my motor bike in just two weeks befor the wrist pin retainer clip went south and sentenced my jug and piston to the scrap pile but am in the process of building a new one. this gives me good time to find out some other tips and tricks i havent already incorperated into the engine. i proably pushed it too hard during break in but kept the rich oil ratio running. but before i get into the life long story of my bike i just wanted to say hello and make some friends in the same process. so if you got any questions about my experiences , ask away. thanks.

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    Welcome to MBc, and welcome to the Happy Time motor. It's not the only option.
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    Welcome to this place!