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    Hi Fellers,

    I'm working on a gear train for a 25cc motor. Last night I was up late and found a really good thread with the attached image in it. I was getting tired and so I only saved the image and didn't add the post to my favorites. I tried to find it by looking in my history folder but the only thing there is this image. Anybody have a clue where I saw this? I'd really like to go back and read the whole thread.

    Thanks, Roy

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    More Info Please

    Well Roy, that was a sick bike parts shifter kit diagram. May I ask why a 25cc motor? Most of us run larger engines. Is your engine an old Zenoah RedMax engine?
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    I'm stuck with 25cc, 1 horse, because I'm in Illinois. But that's not so bad as many rear wheel friction drives use small engines.

    The engine I'm working with is from a 4 stroke Sears-Lehr propane powered weed wacker but with a gasoline carb. Looks to me like the same base engine that Fuji-Imvac uses for their 4 stroke giant scale model airplane engines. Here's some info

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    If you hve to use that engine, first determine the size of the clutch which is probably 54mm and how you are going to mount it on the kit you elect.
    I am a GoldenEagleBikeGngine (GEBE) guy because the kits work very well. a good 4 stroke is the subaru-robin motor (35cc) and it can be disguised as a 25cc by changing the decal on the recoil housing to another reading EHO25. The same can be done with about any engine including the Tanaka's. (they look about the same as their bigger displacement cousins.
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