New Guy with a clutch problem/question...

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by 03AV8R, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Just installed my first 80CC 2-stroke on a beach bike.. The clutch pulls the lever but does not "free up" the sproket to install the chain?? The directions say the sproket should spin freely with the clutch lever pulled.. Its not doing that.. It also reads that the sproket can stick some from sitting in packaging etc.. Is that what im experiencing?? Ive tapped on it the a hammer & screwdriver & it will move & turn the motor over.. When i really push the lever over even further by hand it still wont free the sproket. Whats up here?? I dont wanna bust teeth off the sprocket!! :confused:

  2. Take the clutch cover off and turn the sprocket using the spark plug/ sprocket tool. The sprocket will loosen up with time, but I dont know that you will ever be able to spin it by hand.
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    OK Thanks, the instructions made it sound like it should spin alot easier with the clutch engaged.. I cant see that its doing anything in regards to the sprocket with the clutch in or out? :cool2:
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    Take out your sparkplug, engine should spin over easier.
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    Yes thanks! That is certainly true! :scooter:
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    Yes Thanks! I do indeed have a "sticky" or "hung-up" clutch & or drivetrain.. Im probably going to try & spin it over on a ride with the plug out & see if that free's up everything.. Gotta finish the install first! :rockon: